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“Where would I be without PR Pageant Coaches?! Every time I look at my Miss Teen USA sash and crown, I am reminded that none of it would have been possible without Jules Meyer and her amazing team of PR Pageant Coaches. PR Pageant Coaches does not just provide pageant training, they are life coaches who help transform you into the best you that you can possibly be. Not only are the coaches incredible, but the girls who train with them are genuine, down-to-earth young ladies who root each other on even when we aren’t on a pageant stage. We’re like our own little sorority! The proof that PR Pageant Coaches has the tools you need to succeed in your pageant endeavors is in me. If they could take a girl like me who had never watched a pageant before, walked the pageant walk, or talked the pageant talk, and get her a State AND the Miss Teen USA title on her first try, they can do it all. True miracle workers! Thanks, PR Pageant Coaches!”

Kamie Crawford
Miss Teen USA 2010
Miss Maryland Teen USA 2010

“I’ve never felt the kind of love and support from a team than I did from PR Pageant Coaches. It is rare to meet people who want to see you succeed as much as the PR Team. Even more special is how PR Pageant Coaches don’t just consider you a client. You may begin as their client, but you leave with close friends that will cheer you on beyond your pageant career and continue to be a cheerleader throughout your entire life. PR becomes family. I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They will never try to change you into something you are not, but they will encourage you to become everything you can be. You will be the same you when you’re done training with the PR Team, only a more confident, graceful and improved version. Thank you PR Pageant Coaches. Love you all. :)”

Morgan Woolard
Miss USA 2010 – 1st Runner Up
Miss Oklahoma USA 2010

“As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, in my case, it took PR Pageant Coaches to raise a pageant queen. Coming from not believing in myself to becoming Miss Florida USA on her way to Miss USA was priceless. I can’t thank my team of coaches enough for what they did. They saw me for who I truly was/am and the rough exterior did not stop them from believing in me. Even though I had done pageants in the past, there are many aspects that one needs to succeed in pageantry and PR provided me with everything I needed to succeed and more. You can be beautiful and have all the right tools, but if you don’t believe in yourself what good are all those tools? Confidence is key, and I can honestly say PR brought out all of my self-confidence because they are more than coaches, they are family.”

Lissette Garcia
Miss USA 2011- Top 16 Finalist
Miss Florida USA 2011

“Pageants didn’t come naturally when I started competing at 14 years old. I stumbled on stage, stuttered when I would talk, and overall, I wasn’t prepared. Then it all changed when I met Jules and her PR Pageant Coaches team who accepted me into their PR family with open arms eager to believe in me and help me succeed. PR Pageant Coaches doesn’t just train you how to be prepare to win a pageant, they help you prepare for life! The skills I learned from Jules and the PR team, made me into the young woman I am today. I wouldn’t have won Miss Florida Teen USA and or place Top 15 at Miss Teen USA if I didn’t have the training and support from PR Pageant Coaches, and for that, I’m am extremely thankful. PR Pageant Coaches, thank you for believing in me and helping me get so far in the world of pageantry. I love being a PR Girl and being a part of such a wonderful family.”

Alyssa Rivera
Miss Teen USA 2010 – Top 15 Finalist
Miss Florida Teen USA 2010

“My daughter, Alyssa Rivera, Miss Florida Teen USA 2010 and I have been with PR Pageant Coaches since their inception. The training and warm reception you receive from all the coaches to the CEO, makes you feel like you are their one and only client in the world. The success of my daughter winning the Miss Florida Teen USA crown and earning Top 15 at Miss Teen USA 2010 was due to the exceptional coaching of PR Pageant Coaches. They worked with her on every area of competition including interview, walking/stage presence, etiquette, nutrition/fitness and styling.
Jules and her team are family. It makes a such difference when you leave your child at a pageant and know her PR sisters are there for her if she needs a safety pin or the makeup is too heavy. The pageant world is tough, but PR Coaches makes it just a little easier for everyone. Love my PR Coaches. I know when I planned on having my daughter compete, the first thing that went into my budget was PR Pageant Coaches, an investment that has brought a lifetime of rewards. My formula to success as a pageant mom is Success + Crown = PR Pageant Coaches. They ROCK!!!”

Lourdes Rivera, Mother of Alyssa Rivera Miss Teen USA 2010 – Top 15 Finalist
Miss Florida Teen USA 2010

“PR Pageant Coaches has not only been a “game-changer” for me, but a “life-changer.” Since becoming a PR Girly Girl (PRGG), I have finally been able to grow into my own skin. I’m a stronger, more compassionate, and an overall better person. I’ve learned who I am not only competitively, but who I am in every other aspect of life. I’ve learned self-confidence, and all the skills to get me started into the real world. For pageants, PR Pageant Coaches gave me that extra “umph” to give me the confidence and skill to compete in pageants I had previously been timid of. And, for the first time in my life, it made pageants fun! It has become something I look forward to and love doing. With my fellow PRGGs, it has become a sisterhood, and these girls I compete with on stage have now become my best friends for life. I’ve been able to surround myself with other young women who are just as ambitious as me and we help each other strive to be our very best. The skills and compassion I have gained through PR has led me to opportunities I’ve never dreamed of. I currently have a dream job while still pursuing my Bachelors degree, and I know none of this would have been possible without Jules Meyer and PR Pageant Coaches being a constant part of my life. A heartfelt thank you for this life-changing experience.”

Annilie Hastey
Miss Florida USA 2011 – 1st Runner Up

“If it wasn’t for PR and the team of coaches, I would not be as successful of a young woman as I am today. Not only have my coaches become my mentors and friends, but they are considered my family. They have helped me grow from a person who was determined and willing to one of the best versions of myself. Competing in pageants is thrilling and competitive, but also expands your personal horizons. You set goals, achieve them, and grow into your own skin. From learning how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and keep a positive aura, PR Pageant Coaches gets you to where you need to be. I cannot thank Jules, Frank, LauRen, Brook, and Jorge enough for their guidance and friendship. Through them, I have strengthened myself both physically and mentally to achieve my goals. You’ve got to be in it to win it, and with this team–there is nothing less! With all of my love and gratitude!”

Heather Elwell
Miss Maine USA 2012 – 1st Runner Up

“Not only did PR Pageant Coaches turn my favorite hobby into a clear and attainable dream, but it has created a new family for me to lean on and love. When I first began working with PR, I was unprepared and felt hesitant that I could ever become a better me. Jules and the entire PR team took me under their wings and prepared me to the level I am at today. After placing 3rd Runner up in this past year’s Miss Texas USA pageant, I am confident in saying that PR Pageant Coaches is to thank for launching me. The most important and notable aspect of working with the team is all of my incredible sisters across the entire United States I have acquired. I am thankful for everything I have learned and for the person I have become over the past four years. It truly is great to be a PR Girly Girl!”

Shannon McAnally
Miss Texas USA 2012 – Top 5 Finalist

“My life before MADE consisted of everything from horses to playing in the mud. Nothing along the lines of living the life of a pageant queen. My MADE and PR Coach, LauRen Merola, helped me transform from a girl who hid behind baggy clothes and life in the barn, to a confident, outgoing pageant queen who for the first time in my life, felt beautiful on the inside and out. Something I have always dreamed about, but never thought was possible. PR did not just prepare me for a pageant, my entire life has benefitted from the dedication of my coach and I working together to help me become the best me I could be. Thank you to the PR Coaches LauRen and Jules, as well as the rest of the PR Team and supportive PR girls. With their encouragement and training, I achieved what everyone thought around me was impossible, I was MADE into a pageant queen!”

Rachel Smit

MTV’s MADE – “I want to be a MADE into a Pageant Queen”

“When I first called Jules at PR Pageant Coaches, who was recommended to me by some of the PR Girls, I was pretty much a pageant amateur. I was fresh out of my first preliminary, which I’m pretty sure was won out of sheer luck considering I tripped over my too long of a dress and too big shoes…twice! I was a newbie and PR Pageant Coaches took me under its wing. After training with all of PR’s amazing and talented coaches, I was no longer an amateur. With the support of PR’s coaches and fellow PR Girls, of whom are my best friends, I was sent off to the Miss Florida Teen USA pageant where I placed 4th Runner Up, my very first time competing at the state level! An accomplishment I could not have imagined or obtained without PR Pageant Coaches. Love you, Jules! Thank you, PR for everything!”

Jourdan Thayer
Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 – Top 5 Finalist

“Originally I reached out towards PR Pageant Coaches because of their national reputation, to help me find answers to what was holding me back in the pageant world. I soon learned that it wasn’t “the what” that was holding me back, that I had everything I needed but it was PR that was able to make me truly sparkle. I learned that everything counts: paperwork, presentation, interview, fitness, just to name a few. I feel that my confidence grew and I was better prepared. It was the fine tooth combing that PR was able to put into perspective. I am so delighted to have worked with PR for the past four years. PR Pageant Coaches not only helps me to be “spot on” for pageant competition, but it has helped me in my success in other modeling competitions, contests, and in seeking college scholarship money. To date, I have earned over $83,000 in scholarship money for college. I credit PR Pageant Coaches for helping me put my best foot forward on paper! Jules is an amazing coach, great friend, and above all, a super fantastic intelligent person. I am proud to be a PR Girl!”

Mackenzie Bart
2011 Miss America’s Community Service Scholarship Winner
2011 Miss America’s Performing Arts Scholarship Winner
Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2011 – 2nd Runner Up

“Everything I know about poise, confidence, public speaking, public service, and dancing in heels l learned from pageantry. PR Pageant Coaches took my knowledge and skills and upgraded them to the top shelf of this industry. I am without question a better speaker, critical thinker, problem solver and a more well-rounded competitor because of Jules Meyer and the PR Pageant Coaches Team. They will whip you into shape and help you to draw the introspective portrait of yourself that is necessary to succeed in the pageant industry and in life!! Jules Meyer is a gem! Her stellar instinct and savvy fashion sense will have you looking as beautiful as you will feel. Make no mistake! There is no better Coaching team than this one!!!”

Candiace Dillard
Miss District of Columbia USA 2012 – 2nd Runner Up

“PR Pageant Coaches goes beyond the name. It doesn’t just prepare you for on-stage performance, it prepares you for immense personal growth and always keeping the big picture in mind. Since I’ve joined PR, I’ve developed a profound understanding of how to become the best version of myself. With PR, my goals and dreams are achieved alongside a team of inspiring and determined Coaches and PR sisters. These amazing PR sisters of mine are some of my best friends now. Going into a competition knowing I have someone I can ask to help me with that last little inch of zipping-up is such a calming feeling. The mentorship opportunity that I’ve had with my PR little sister is a beautiful experience. Having gone through a big competition and then having the opportunity to be there for my little sister, created this really unique bond. I know that without PR Pageant Coaches, I wouldn’t be as confident and strong as I am today. Jules truly has a beautiful heart to have the patience and wisdom to help and guide me as she has over this past year and a half. My second family, my sisters, my biggest fans…PR Pageant Coaches…This is a love and friendship for life!”

Kristina Bryant
Miss Philippines USA

“I am so thankful to PR Pageant Coaches for being instrumental in helping me reach my Miss USA goals during my last year of competition. Working with Jules and the PR staff allowed me to focus on specific areas of competition and see the bigger picture. Thank you so much for the excellent training and camaraderie! PR is truly family!”

Amy Holbrook
Miss Oregon USA 2012 – 1st Runner Up

“We met Jules and Jorge at Miss USA and when she joined PR Pageant Coaches, my daughter Alexis Banks, felt like she was joining as part of a family instead of another client. She traveled to Florida many times to be trained by some of the finest in the business. Jules was and is incredibly organized, trustworthy, sincere, and truly committed into making our daughter the best she could be. Jules and her staff will always be a part of our family. By far, the best in the business!”

Richelle Miller, Mother of Alexis Banks
Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2011 – 2nd Runner Up

“First and foremost, I’d like to say that I owe much of the woman I am today to Jules Meyer. I started training with Jules at the age of 16 and have experienced an immense personal growth since then, both on and off the pageant stage. I have been able to realize many of my personal and pageant goals throughout these past eight years. PR Pageant Coaches offers the perfect guidance and competitive edge any young woman who wants to become the best version of herself possible. The coaches at PR know how to bring out the “IT” factor in each client that the judges look for and the audience stays in awe of. Jules’ knowledge and professionalism are just two of the things that make her the best at what she does and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for the best to look to PR Pageant Coaches. They didn’t just get me ready for my pageants, they got me ready for my life!”

Krizia Toledo
Miss Florida USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist
Miss Florida Teen USA 2008 – Top 5 Finalist

“I am so honored to have become part of the PR Pageant Coaches family. They have helped me to grow and mature into a confident young woman ready to take on any challenge. Since I began working with PR, I have felt calm and prepared going into every pageant. Whether it is during a PR University or a quick text or phone call to Jules, I know that I have the whole team behind me wishing me well! I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with these incredible, inspiring people, and I am proud to say that I will forever be a PR Girly Girl!”

Acacia Courtney
Miss Connecticut 2012 – 2nd Runner Up

“Working with Jules Meyer and PR Pageant Coaches has been rewarding and successful in so many ways. I have blossomed into a beautiful flower that I thought I would never get to. PR Pageant Coaches helped me with pageant paperwork, stage presence and everything needed to be the best me I could be. Jules is the queen of pageants. Working with her and the PR Team has been a blessing. From the moment I met Jules she has driven me to the right direction and I am so glad to have found her. Thank you Jules and PR Pageant Coaches for all that you do, not only for me, but for my PR sisters as well! Love you!”

Michelle Aguirre
Miss Florida USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist

“The first time I met Jules I was only 13 years old, and I thought I was strictly going to be training for pageantry. I had absolutely no idea that as I talked to her for the first time, I was talking to a woman who would soon grow to be one of the most influential people in my life. She is simply one of the most passionate, loving, and genuine people I have ever met. Working with her and my PR Pageant Coaches family has transformed me into a very fierce competitor, helped me win a state title, and even helped me achieve Top 16 at Florida Teen USA, my very first year! And even more important than the crowns and sashes, what I love most about being a PR Girly Girl are the memories. It’s almost like a sorority, there is such a strong, loving, sisterhood between all of the fellow PR girls. That’s why I love it! At 13 years old I was right about one thing, the coaching and training PR Pageant Coaches has to offer are phenomenal. With PR Pageant Coaches, be prepared for a sense of belonging. Be prepared to feel welcomed, and beautiful, and to gain confidence and memories, and to meet people who you will never forget. I have become the young lady I am today thanks to Jules, and everyone I have met through my years with PR Pageant Coaches. I think it’s safe to say that not only will PR Pageant Coaches get a crown on your head, but also, it will change your life.”

Sammi Puglisi
Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist

“Jules and her coaching staff have been some of the most positive influences in my young teenager’s life. They have helped her to develop life skills such as goal setting and balancing priorities in terms of school, community involvement, and extracurricular activities. Jules and her staff have a gift for truly listening to my daughter and bringing out her personal best. The friendships we have developed with other PR Girls and their families is one of the nicest “perks” of competition season. Being part of the PR family has helped my child become a strong, confident young lady and a solid competitor. Since working with PR, my daughter, Sammi has achieved a Top 5 placement at FL National American Miss, a State title in MAC (American Coed) pageants, two local preliminary titles within the Florida Teen USA system, and a Top 15 Semi-Finalist placement her first time competing at Miss Florida Teen USA. It’s been a great experience and we are very grateful to Jules, Jorge, Brook, Becca and LauRen for their guidance.”

Kelly Puglisi, Mother of Sammi Puglisi
Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist

“The PR Pageant Coaches team took me from being a newbie to a winner! When I started training with PR, I was a blank canvas because I had no stage or pageant experience and was out of shape. With me, they had their work cut out for them! I trained with the coaches, followed their recommendations and practiced a lot. The proof was in the pudding-At my second pageant I won the title of Mrs. Florida United States and then placed Top 15 at Nationals. After pageantry, these same skills helped launch my modeling and acting career. Yes, PR Pageant Coaches has the expertise to bring the winner out in each of us, but, the best part is…being part of the loving and supportive PR family!”

Robin R. Hirschman, Esq.
Mrs. Florida United States 2010

“PR Pageant Coaches is definitely an incredible miracle worker. I have learned many great tools and lessons that will benefit me for a lifetime. PR has taught me self motivation and how to carry myself in the best way possible. PR has helped me gain self confidence and I have matured in many ways. PR Pageant Coaches is not only a training company, it is a family! I have met amazing coaches and fellow PR Girls who will always encourage you to do your very best. They never guarantee you a win, but they do promise you that you will walk on stage 110% prepared and they have definitely proved that to me! I love my PR family and will always be a proud PR Girl! :-)”

Jeannette Rosell
Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist

“Working with Jules and the PR Pageant Coaches team has truly been a privilege. Since day one, they have been 100% committed to my pageant career, and helped me become pageant ready on and off the pageant stage. Jules and her team are extremely professional, as well as great role models. PR has helped me with far more than just pageants, but in life too. Each and every coach has been an inspiration to my life. PR Pageant Coaches to me, means family.”

Christina Close
Miss Florida Teen USA 2012 – Top 16 Finalist

“Wow, I don’t know where to start! I came to PR Pageant Coaches when I competed and won my first pageant, and since then, pageant life has never been the same!! PR truly is a family. The coaches are with you every step of the way. They don’t try and change you, they help you become a better version of yourself. As Jules likes to say, “If you’re in it, you’re in it to win it!” I was “In it to win it” so I came to PR Pageant Coaches. One of the most treasured things that has come out of being a PR Girl, is meeting the most amazing girls who have become my best friends. PR guides you to the right people maximizing your opportunities and experiences. The lessons and skills you’ll learn from this incredible team will truly be useful for the rest of your life. PR pushes you to do 100 percent in every aspect of competition on and off the pageant stage, especially in your community service. Today, I serve on the Board of Directors for Foundation of the World, a non-profit organization catered to providing a better education for the school system. This would have not been possible without the support of my coaches encouragement. PR is a support system that understands very well what you go through during those crucial months of preparation. Being a PR Girly Girl gets you pageant ready, physically, mentally and emotionally which are three dynamics vital in every preparation. You probably ask yourself how can PR get me prepared mentally and emotionally? You have to be part of this family to understand. So ask yourself this question, are you in it to win it? To my amazing PR Pageant Coaches, also known as my friends and family, THANK YOU!!!”

Denisse Pascual
Miss Miami Tropic 2011

“Although I am fairly new to PR Pageant Coaches I couldn’t be more happy with the team and the expertise of the coaches. PR Pageant Coaches makes sure their clients are at their absolute best before they step foot on that stage which left me feeling so confident competing at my first Miss Florida USA preliminary. With their guidance, I won Miss Aventura USA thanks to Jules, Brook, and Jorge. What meant the most to me was to see all my coaches in the audience cheering me on along with other fellow PR Girls. I then realized that this is more than just a coaching group, it is a team and the support every PR Girl shows to one another means more than any crown and banner, and I am proud to be a part of such a supportive team! I look forward to growing more through PR and working under their wing! Thank you, PR Pageant Coaches!”

Amaryllis Rodriguez
Miss Aventura USA 2013

“The coaching and the guidance that PR Pageant Coaches has provided me has been life changing. The experience has given me a journey that has brought me pageant success, friends for life, and life skills that have proven priceless. Thank you for giving me lifelong memories and the world’s greatest coaches and friends!”

Laura Pucker
Mrs. U.S. America 2009